The role of the business sector is complex and includes research/knowledge, political influence, advocacy, innovation, investments and funding.

Engagement with the sector offers opportunities, but can also present risks and challenges that need to be properly managed. The business sector policy sets out principles to guide SEI’s decision-making when engaging with the private sector as providers of knowledge and capacity or participants in collaborative projects.

Collaboration with multiple businesses or federations is preferred compared to individual companies. If a potential business partner is acting in clear conflict with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights or principles of the UN Global Compact, SEI should avoid collaboration.

SEI strives for open access of all results, while respecting confidentiality and safeguarding of commercial secrets. SEI has “final review” and approval rights of final products that include the use of SEI’s name and logo.

All funding engagements with the business sector are subject to internal risk assessment process at management level.