The group is essential to our role as a global, cross-disciplinary organization. It ensures we are focused in the right areas and that researchers across our centres have opportunities for synthesis, learning, exchange, and leadership. The mandate of this group also covers how capacity development and policy engagement aspects of our research can be strengthened.

Responsibilities include:

  • ensuring accountable, effective use of core funded research investments
  • collaborating across SEI centres to achieve our strategy goals
  • representing SEI in external forums
  • managing the SEI Science Forum and SEI Science Advisory Council, and
  • developing and implementing research-linked SEI policies.

The Global Research Committee also guides other SEI-wide functions such as identifying new opportunities for our work.

Previously, the Global Research Committee held responsibility for our research themes. From 1 January 2018 we discontinued the use of themes, deciding to focus on other approaches for collaboration such as the Science Forum.

The Global Research Committee was previously called the Research Directorate.