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Policy engagement and strategic communications

The Policy Cluster supports regional, national and local policy processes through thematic research, partnerships, capacity building, and stakeholder engagements based on SEI’s scientific research, with respect to global policy agendas. Our goal is to equip policy actors with knowledge from our research and empower them to make informed, evidence-based, and inclusive decisions for environmental sustainability and inclusive development.

Policy and engagement

Photo by SEI Asia

SEI Asia works with a diversity of partners at different scales to promote policy action for environmental sustainability and social inclusion. Our policy support work covers issues on local, regional and national levels, and includes a wide range of stakeholders, from governments, academia, businesses, international and regional agencies to civil society organizations towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SEI Asia’s policy support work seeks to change agendas, enhance capacities and improve decisions through sharing knowledge and applying learnings. Evidence based research and multisectoral advisory and participatory engagement provide the basis of policy processes for informing policy and decisions. Policy impact is facilitated through long-term partnerships and knowledge co-production, with the aim of developing strategy in new or critical policy areas such as environmental cooperation, water resources management, climate adaptation, and sustainable agriculture.

To learn more about our areas of work, current projects and policy impact, please download the flyer below.

Along with work in our research areas, SEI Asia’s communications helps disseminate our work across a wide variety of audiences around the world. Our work in communicating complex scientific findings requires flexibility and creativity to cater to different audiences and learning preferences. Therefore, we produce a range of communications products in different formats to effectively convey scientific information ranging from popular science writing to multimedia films and podcasts and animation videos.

Download the flyer below to learn more about our communications work.

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