Small-island developing nations or SIDS, including those in the Pacific region, fundamentally depend on the ocean for livelihood, culture, economy and lifestyle. Many SIDS are also heavily dependent on international aid to supplement their own domestic budgets. Understanding how international finance is supporting the sustainable oceans agenda is therefore highly relevant to the region’s sustainable development agenda.

In this session, we discuss the importance of oceans and how countries are linking sustainable oceans to the climate agenda. We hear about various experiences in the Pacific region with implementing measures to protect oceans. We use our new Aid Atlas online platform to look at what is known (and not known) about how international aid is supporting sustainable oceans.

We also look at ways we might better track whether finance is being mobilized for the sustainable oceans agenda – because ultimately, we need ways of ensuring financial support is being targeted at high priority programmes and actions across the Pacific regions, and globally.

Confirmed participants:

  • Ms Tagaloa Cooper-Halo, SPREP
  • Takayoshi Kato, OECD
  • Jan Wärnbäck, Swedish International Development Agency (Sida)
  • Aaron Atteridge, SEI

Further participants: tbd

Moderator: Robert Bradley, NDC Partnership

Place: Moana Blue Pacific Pavilion, Hall 8, IFEMA