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SEI’s highlights of 2018

Whether you've been following SEI for days, months or decades, join us as we reflect on some of our research and organizational highlights from the year.

Photo: Daniel Kieslinger, EyeEm / Getty Images.

Date published
21 December 2018

Dear partner, funder, researcher, policy-maker, reader – whoever you are and whatever your reason for being here on the SEI website, thank you for joining us. We are all part of this journey to create a sustainable future for all, and we hope you’ve found research or inspiration to move forward with our work from 2018.

Research highlights

Our research is the heart of everything we do. So what better way to start our reflection of 2018 by reviewing a selection of our briefs, journal articles, working papers and other important documents.

Are these not in your areas of interest? You may like to see what else we’ve published this year under publications, or use the topic menu at the top of this page to find content most relevant to your work. You can also browse our centre pages for outputs from our locations around the world.

Organizational highlights

While doing our work to bridge science and policy, it was also an eventful year for SEI as an organization. In January we began with a celebration to recognize 25 years of SEI Tallinn. It was one of the last events with Johan L. Kuylenstierna as SEI’s Executive Director, with Måns Nilsson taking the acting role. February saw us rated as one of the world’s top two think tanks in environment policy for the fifth year in a row, and then came March.

Our flurry of activity in March kicked off with the launch of the new SEI website and visual identity a bold, exciting step for the organization. The very next day we opened our newest centre in Bogotá, Colombia, marking our expansion to five continents and seven countries. Then, later in the month, we welcomed Evelyn Namubiru-Mwaura as the new Centre Director of SEI Africa.

The excitement continued in April as we officially welcomed Måns Nilsson as SEI’s Executive Director, released our annual report, and welcomed hundreds of attendees at our annual flagship event: SEI Science Forum. In June, Åsa Persson stepped into Måns’s previous role as Research Director and Deputy Director.

Most of our big organizational movements ended mid-year at least from an external perspective. Plenty of activities continued within as we got to work with these new arrangements and began setting the groundwork for our next 5-year strategy.

More from SEI

To wrap up this wrap-up, we hope you’ll enjoy these other highlights from the year great pieces of content on our website that resonated with our readers.

Find out more about what we do through our projects and tools, or browse our perspectives and features from the year.

Stepping into 2019

To be the first to hear from us in 2019, follow us on social media and sign up to our email newsletter. And if you’re still eager to hear about more of our activities from the year, keep an eye out for our next annual report – planned to be released in April – for a more in-depth look at our activities.

As the clock ticks ahead and SEI prepares to turn 30 years old, we look forward to another year working with you to develop solutions for a sustainable future for all.