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Our guide to COP25

“Time for action” is the slogan under which the 2019 UN Climate Change conference COP25 takes place in Madrid, 2-13 December. Here are SEI’s insights to inform action.
Photo: Callum Shaw / Unsplash.

Date published
30 November 2019

What can COP25 deliver?

On the one hand, this 25th UN Climate Change Conference has a mainly technical agenda. On the other hand, it is set against the backdrop of ever clearer scientific evidence and real-world experience that the world needs to change its course if the goal of the Paris Agreement is to be met and global warming to be limited to as close as possible to 1.5 °C. SEI Research Fellow Cleo Verkuijl identifies key ways in which COP25 can deliver on climate ambition.

Further coverage

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