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Anett Mladoniczki


Anett works as an Administrator at SEI York, providing support to the day-to-day administrative services including managing the admin inbox, organizing SEI York meetings, coordinating travel arrangements, monitoring and providing support with reports, time sheet submission, staff attendance; assisting with HR procedures and recruitment, as well as PhD coordination and administration.

She has a degree in Tourism Management, specializing in Cultural Heritage and has been working in these fields since the beginning of her career. Her most recent studies in Archaeology at University of York allowed her to develop her passion for the past, and this interest in history informs her outlook on the future.

One of her favourite quotes is from Katherine Hannigan’s children’s novel, Ida B: “We don’t own the earth. We are the earth’s caretakers […] we take care of it and all the things on it. And when we’re done, it should be left better than we found it”.

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