Rain clouds above the Baltic sea. Photo: Donata Ivanova/Getty Images

The seed project investigates the feasibility of developing a radar climatology in the BSR. The project involves partners in countries across the BSR including Sweden, Estonia and Poland. The status of radar data archiving, utility of the data, and any data harmonisation requirements across the partner countries and the BSR in general are investigated. We reach out to a large range of actors to thoroughly explore their needs pertaining to radar climatology, utilising a user needs survey. Consultations with the national weather services in Germany and Finland, who have already undertaken steps in radar climatology development, will aid in ensuring best practices are adhered to.

The project acts as a pilot project with the intention of laying the framework for the full development of a radar climatology (datasets and visualisations) spanning the BSR, relevant for a large range of actors.

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The project is funded by the Swedish Institute .