Studies are carried out in close cooperation with local institutions. The printed version (ISSN 1101-8267) is distributed free of charge. This newsletter is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

Latest issue:

  • Brazilian electrification program LPT (Light for All).
  • Small-scale biomass gasification in Asia.
  • The expansion of soy production and trade in Latin America.
  • Carbon finance for woodfuels.

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Previous newsletters

Vol. 21, issue 1, 2009, ISSN 1101-8267:

  • EU 10% biofuel target: a win–win opportunity for Africa and the EU.
  • Zambian biofuels farm bears sustainable fruit.
  • Solar home systems light up lives in China.

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May 2008 Vol. 21, no. 1

  • Policies and partnerships for biofuels development in Africa, by Maria Milagros Morales.
  • Public-private partnership for the use of biomass gasification technology in Uganda By Sunil Dhingra.
  • A biofuels prenuptial: Questions for policy makers before the marriage, by Margaret N. Matinga.
  • Development of Local Biofuel Markets: A Case Study from Ethiopia, by Fiona Lambe.
  • Lessons from China: Rural Household Biogas, an Integrated Solution for Sustainable Livelihood Development, by Lailai Li.
  • Assessing the African Biofuel Debate: The Need for Sustainable Biofuel Development Strategies By Bothwell Batidzirai.

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Dec 2007 Vol. 20 No. 2

  • Financing the path to renewable energy enterprises by Eric Usher.
  • Asian biofuel development at a crossroads by Yong Chen and Jinyue Yan.
  • Highlights of first Africa high-level biofuels seminar by Fiona Zuzarte.
  • Access to clean energy for cooking in Ethiopia: impacts and potential of the Gaia Association ethanol-stove programme by Fiona Lambe.
  • Sweden looks at bioenergy from agriculture by Max Åhman.
  • Towards a new global agreement on climate change by Richard J.T. Klein and Mikael Román.

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Special theme issue: Renewable Energy in the EU, May 2007 Vol. 20 No. 1
A Testing Ground for a Global Sustainable Energy Future: Overview of Renewable Energy in the EU.

Country Focus

  • Ireland and UK.
  • Nordic Countries.
  • Baltic Countries.
  • Poland.
  • Central Europe- Austria.
  • Germany.
  • Benelux Countries.
  • The Iberian Peninsula.
  • Mediterranean Countries.
  • Romania and Bulgaria.

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