Many Nordic municipalities have set as their goal to reach climate neutrality this decade. A perspective that still often missing is the wider view of climate neutrality related to consumption-based emissions, such as also factoring in impacts from consumption that is often produced outside territorial borders.

How to deal with sinks is also a topic gaining increasing attention at the local level. Through a series of workshops with municipalities in the Nordic region, this project aims develop Nordic best-practice guidelines for how municipalities can work to quantify consumption-based emissions and sinks, which will be used to support municipalities in the drafting of road maps for climate neutrality.

The project will share experiences across the Nordic region on this topic and publish a report that synthesizes the current best practices and the needs identified among Nordic municipalities in their efforts to reach climate neutrality.

The project is implemented together with three Nordic partners: Aarhus University in Denmark, SYKE in Finland and Cicero in Norway.