The Yorkshire Arboretum is regarded by Defra as a back-up collection for Kew Gardens and has a comprehensive database of its 7000+ trees situated in the Howardian Hills near York, UK. This contains detailed information for each tree  e.g. type, genus,age etc.  They required the database to be geo-referenced in order to provide base mapping suitable for producing a management plan and other products for the public i.e. via an online geo-portal or a visitor app. A geoportal is a type of web portal used to find and access geographic information (geospatial information) and associated geographic services (display, editing, analysis, etc.) via the Internet. SEI developed the interface for the Arboretum staff to display and query spatial datasets.

SEI will be flew an unmanned aerial vehicle (quadcopter) and collected ground survey points with a differential GPS to produce an up-to-date high resolution base map on which to identify and record the location of each tree. This information is then be stored in the GIS and linked to the existing tree database. Training in basic GIS knowledge and techniques was provided by SEI for Arboretum staff using Q-GIS.