The BalticClimate toolkit provides explanations of regional climate change scenarios and scenario impacts for the Baltic Sea Region (BSR), as well as for selected areas within the BSR. Also available are several levels of information and tailored processes for users to follow in terms of assessing vulnerability, as well as identifying the challenges and opportunities they may face due to climate change. Hence, the users are enabled to deal with climate change issues in a cooperative, integrated and sustainable way.

The stepwise processes are further backed up with examples of tool-use results from throughout the BSR, as well as video clips and presentations of cases of win-win-win situations, pertaining to the sectors of Transport, Energy, Housing and Agriculture.

The BalticClimate toolkit includes:

  • FAQs about climate change
  • Climate change scenarios
  • Climate change impacts
  • Information kit (for policy makers)
  • Local/regional inventory analysis (for spatial planners)
  • Vulnerability assessment (for spatial planners)
  • Guidance on planning and climate change (for spatial planners)
  • Identification of challenges and chances generated by climate change (for the business community), and
  • SWOT analysis (for the business community).

The BalticClimate toolkit is available publicly online in 11 BSR languages and English. Development was done within the BalticClimate project, part-funded by the European Union’s Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013. SEI participation was also funded by the Estonian Environmental Investment Centre.