The dataset provides a first systematic, quantitative assessment of transboundary climate risks to trade in key agricultural commodities, namely maize, rice, wheat, soy, sugar cane, and coffee. The assessment is global in scope and allows for comparison of significant trading relationships, exporters, importers, and markets, providing a basis for policymaking and setting priorities in risk management. The dataset serves as the basis for the report Climate Change, Trade, and Global Food Security.

It is based on a novel methodology for assessing climate risks to global trade. The analysis projects the extent to which the impacts of climate change will affect yields of major agricultural commodities in particular countries over time, combined with a measurement of commodity-specific trade dependency. In this way, the data provide a uniquely nuanced picture of how climate risk propagates through global food trade networks. Users can access the Excel-based data processing tool in order to generate their own results for different climate model specifications or traded goods.