Leadership Group for Industry Transition

The Leadership Group for Industry Transition (LeadIT) gathers countries and companies that are committed to reaching net-zero carbon emissions from industry by 2050. SEI serves as LeadIT’s Secretariat.

Green Steel Tracker

The Green Steel Tracker gathers public announcements on low-carbon investments in the steel industry.

Tracking announcements of low-carbon investments in the steel industry

Green technologies for the steel industry are rapidly emerging and companies make ambitious announcements about low-carbon investments and innovations. The Green Steel Tracker is a database that reviews these announcements and makes the information available.

The Green Steel Tracker aims to support decision-makers in policy and industry, academia as well as civil society, by tracking public announcements of low-carbon investments in the steel industry and presenting them transparently in one place.

The data may help decision makers in industry and policy to develop strategies for new technologies and show how quickly climate targets can be met in the steel sector.

The database is a collaboration between research and non-governmental organizations and is hosted by LeadIT.

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About the Green Steel Tracker

The dataset might be used by others under a CC BY license. It should be cited as: “Vogl, V, Sanchez, F, Gerres, T, Lettow, F, Bhaskar, A, Swalec, C, Mete, G, Åhman, M, Lehne, J, Schenk, S, Witecka, W, Olsson, O, Rootzén, J 2021, Green Steel Tracker, Version 11/2021, Stockholm, Dataset, www.industrytransition.org/green-steel-tracker “.

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