What does the Roadmap Planner do?

Countries and companies are raising their ambitions to commit to transitioning industry sectors to zero emissions, in order to align with global goals on decarbonization. However, many are struggling to determine how to get there. The Roadmap Planner provides decision makers with detailed guidelines and recommendations to identify the main steps, key actors and essential actions and measures to meet decarbonization targets and achieve industry transition vision.

What is the Roadmap Planner approach?

The Roadmap Planner supports stakeholder-driven co-production of industry transition roadmaps to accelerate public-private partnership and create collective ownership. The roadmapping design and process are customizable across different timescales, target sectors and key actors’ needs and capacities. The Roadmap Planner offers a neutral platform for linking diverse narratives and disconnected strategies at various governance levels and creating coherent industry transition pathways.

Who is the Roadmap Planner for?

Policymakers in public sectors, decision makers in industry sectors, and civil societies, including NGOs, members of academic, research and policy institutions can use the Roadmap Planner to design and initiate industry transition roadmapping processes. Developing and implementing an industry transition roadmap requires the engagement and participation of all key actors and stakeholders.

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LeadIT's Roadmap Planner

The Roadmap Planner is developed by the Leadership Group for Industry Transition (LeadIT). The LeadIT Secretariat is hosted by SEI.

The graphic interface and tool design was led by DataDesign Studio .

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