weTRANSFORM, powered by the SEI weADAPT platform, marks a new global meeting place for development and disaster risk researchers, practitioners and decision-makers and their partners. The platform invites researchers and other disaster risk reduction experts and stakeholders to share their knowledge, perspectives and news on the weTRANSFORM site.

As an open platform of ideas and action, weTRANSFORM seeks to stimulate progress in the disaster risk reduction (DRR) marketplace through the contributions of its members, stepping forward with leading-edge DRR research and opinion. The platform focuses on four main themes in DRR: transformation, equitable resilience, trade-offs and adaptive governance. It promises to be rigorous, diligent and open, serving as a forward-looking tool that adapts and grows with DRR practice.

weTRANSFORM is managed by the International Centre of Excellence on Transforming Development and Disaster Risk (ICoE) and the SEI Initiative on Transforming Development and Disaster Risk (TDDR). ICOE-TDDR works with academic, policy, development and private sector partners at global, regional and sub-national levels to advance scientific knowledge and support policy and practice to enact transformations towards more equitable, resilient and sustainable societies, in line with the Sendai Framework for DRR and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It advances DRR knowledge, policy and practice through a three-tiered approach, using scientific research, policy engagement and capacity development.

ICoE-TDDR is hosted by SEI and supported by the Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) programme.