Global demand for energy continues to grow, and despite rapid growth in renewable technologies, it is fossil fuels that still dominate the market.

And even as world leaders express dire concern about climate change, large and small countries alike, and multinational corporations, continue to pump trillions of dollars into fossil-fuel production and commerce: coal mine expansions, new coal and gas export terminals, and major oil sands and heavy oil extraction facilities.

All of these investments will increase global fossil-fuel supplies – and almost certainly, fossil-fuel consumption and resulting greenhouse gas emissions.

But by how much? Is anyone keeping track?

Since last summer, we have been examining the social and environmental implications of major fossil-fuel infrastructure investments around the world, aiming to provide timely, science-based analysis to help policy-makers and citizens understand these complex issues.

A great deal is at stake: the intensity of global climate change, many countries’ development trajectory, the future of financial systems that are deeply invested in energy resources we can’t afford to burn.

Source: RTCC, UK