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Follow us on X for the latest updates and insights from SEI:

@SEIresearch : Follow our primary account for the latest updates and news from across SEI. Here we share noteworthy findings and revisit past publications that remain relevant today.

@SEIclimate : For a deeper dive into climate-related news and updates, follow our climate-specific account to stay current on our work and that of our partners in the field.

Explore our SEI and associated X lists to find project-specific feeds and individual researchers, including associates, that interest you:

Connect with our region-specific channels for tailored news and updates:

Asia: @SEIAsia
Africa: @SEI_Africa
Spanish language: @SEIenEspanol
Sweden: @SElforskning


We use LinkedIn to share highlights of our work across all areas, with a focus on opportunities such as job advertisements, scholarship opportunities and more. Search for Stockholm Environment Institute on LinkedIn to follow our company page.


Follow us for highlights of our work and other interesting news for our networks. Search for Stockholm Environment Institute on Facebook to like and follow our page, or to browse through photos and videos.


Our YouTube channel is the best place to find our videos. You’ll find lectures, webinars, and other pieces of content that fit into our broader work. Search for Stockholm Environment Institute on YouTube and subscribe.


We (The Stockholm Environment Institute) welcome and encourage interactions on our social media channels. However, we do not guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy or validity of any posts on our social media channels that link to other sources outside of, on the accounts of SEI staff members or on comments to our posts by other users. We cannot guarantee to see and respond to all social media comments on our channels.

We reserve the right to:

  • hide or delete any comments without warning that we consider inappropriate or unacceptable, including any content that is obscene, defamatory, profane, libelous, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful or embarrassing to any person or entity.
  • hide or delete comments we perceive to be off topic without warning in order to foster conversations about the topics shared on our social media posts.
  • block accounts who tag us in spam content, or who repeatedly tag us in posts we perceive are irrelevant or inappropriate.

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