We are led by the Board and Executive Director, supported by advisory bodies.

The Board decides on SEI’s general objectives, planning and programme, and on issues of major importance.

Måns Nilsson

SEI’s Executive Director, Måns Nilsson, leads and delegates the work of SEI.

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SEI’s global management structure consists of the Executive Team, Centre Directors, the Global Management Committee and the Global Research Committee.

Science Advisory Council

Composed of leading international researchers, the Science Advisory Council advises on research priorities and follows up on our scientific achievements.

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SEI is a foundation registered under Swedish law, with principal tasks and structure set out in the Government Decision of 18 August 1988.

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We are committed to transparency, and believe that full disclosure of our finances and funding builds trust in our work.

SEI has centres in the US, Latin America, York, Oxford, Tallinn, Africa, Asia, and our headquarters is in Stockholm.

SEI has seven centres in the UK, the US, Thailand, Kenya, Estonia and Colombia. Our headquarters is in Sweden.

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Our consultation responses (in Swedish: remissyttranden) represent SEI’s official position, provided in response to requests.