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Cookies are essential tools that enhance your browsing experience. These small text files are stored on your computer, helping websites remember your preferences and navigate efficiently. We utilize two types of cookies:

Session cookies: temporary and expire once you close your browser.
Persistent cookies: stored for a set duration, improving user convenience by remembering user preferences over time.

Rest assured, you can manage these cookies via our cookie choice button below at any time, though doing so may impact website functionality.

Third-party cookies

To optimize our services, we use third-party services like Google Analytics and Hotjar, employing their cookies to gather aggregate statistical information. These cookies, both session and permanent (lasting up to 24 months), allow us to analyze website usage patterns and enhancing user experience.

Additionally, our advertising banners (Google Ads) may use cookies to track the effectiveness of our advertisements.

Please find our full Cookie Policy below, where all cookies and their purpose are described more in detail.

To manage our cookies you can use our cookie choice button below.

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It is also possible to use Google’s opt-out options and other third-party settings to manage cookie preferences.

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