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Water is fundamental to human development, from drinking water and sanitation to agriculture and generating electricity. SEI offers knowledge and solutions for how to manage water resources in a connected way to ensure water, energy and food security for all.


Projects and tools


Adaptation to climate change is a key area of SEI's research. In particular, we focus on adaptation policy and finance under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, vulnerability assessments, capacity building and community-based adaptation.


More than 65% of the world's population are projected to live in cities by 2050, with major implications resource use, energy, water and sanitation, and health and well-being. At the same time urbanization can bring benefits, especially efficiency gains. SEI examines these challenges in the round to advance sustainable urbanization.

Disaster risk

Our research recognizes that disaster risk and development are closely linked: it is development processes that largely determine who and what is exposed to risk as well how much, and how effectively they can respond. SEI works to integrate disaster risk reduction with equitable, sustainable and resilient development.

Food and agriculture

How can we meet the nutritional needs and expectations of a growing world population? And how do we do it without compromising long-term sustainability? SEI research explores the transition to sustainable food and agricultural systems.

Planning and modelling

Managing scarce resources in an equitable and sustainable way requires sound forward planning. SEI provides technical tools used by planners and decision makers, around the world.


Building on a long legacy of pioneering work, SEI explores ways to provide equitable, universal access to hygiene and sanitation, with a focus on systems that offer multiple benefits in terms of health, environmental sustainability, livelihoods and food security.

Water-Energy-Food Nexus

SEI examines the links between water, energy and food production, and enables people to govern and manage these resources and systems to sustainably meet human aspirations.

Water resources

Adequate freshwater is central to sustainable development. Our tools, modelling and assessments support sound water management so that societies can live within their water budgets.

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