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E-Sak Ka Ou Declaration underscores Indigenous People’s rights for climate action

SEI’s Minh Tran discusses the E-Sak Ka Ou Declaration, emphasizing Indigenous People’s rights as a key component of climate action and conservation efforts.

Published on 15 March 2024
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Mr. Kittisak Rattanakrajangsri, Chair of AIPP, facilitating a group discussion of Thailand’s Indigenous Peoples. Photo: Lakpa Nuri / AIPP.

The E-Sak Ka Ou Declaration calls attention to the key role of Indigenous Peoples to (as well as the challenges they face from) climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation programs.

A word meaning ‘gill of the manta ray’ and released ahead of COP28 last year by Asian Indigenous Peoples’ leaders, the E-Sak Ka Ou Declaration is a reminder of what remains undone toward upholding the rights of Indigenous communities.

Commitments at the global level to recognize Indigenous knowledge and protect Indigenous Peoples’ rights must also be reflected in regional and national policy frameworks, a new op-ed argues.

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