For the upcoming elections in Thailand, what is the stance of major political parties on the environment.

Rajesh Daniel and Clemens Grünbühel look at some of Thailand’s major parties and their environmental policies.

Overall, some of Thailand’s more established parties such as Chart Pattana (CP), Democrats (Dems), Palang Pracharath (PPRP) and Pheu Thai (PT) seem to have shown interest in key environmental issues.

Air quality and the PM2.5 pollution problem seems to be a priority. Several parties want to promote alternative transport. The Chart Pattana, Democrats and Palang Pracharath parties promote electric vehicles,while Pheu Thai wants more NGV and biodiesel-powered transportation, yet the confusion over the real causes of PM2.5 pollution persist, with many under the misconception that combustion engines and “dirty”energy production are the main culprits behind the problem.

Renewable and clean energy, replacing Thailand’s highly-polluting coal-fired power plants, along with the impacts of damming the Mekong River, all failed to stir the interest of Thailand’s parties. The minor attention to forest degradation — only three of nine — and floods — only two of nine — shows a rural-urban divide at play.