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Thailand programme looks to reunite families separated by climate change-driven migration

SEI Research Fellow Sara Vigil talks to PBS News Hour on how climate change affects migration, relating to the current situation in rural Thailand.

Published on 28 November 2023
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The number of households where children are raised by grandparents is rising in lower and middle-income countries. Parents have moved away for opportunities as agricultural jobs no longer provide a reliable income due to climate change. Fred de Sam Lazaro reports for the series, Agents for Change, produced in partnership with the Under-Told Stories Project at the University of St. Thomas.

People in rural Thailand have for decades spent a few weeks each year away in the city earning extra income in between planting and the harvest. But in recent times, agriculture, the rice crop, in particular, has become unreliable as a source of income, and that’s forced longer and longer absences from home.

What climate change is doing is exacerbating impacts on other, more traditional economic and political drivers of migration.

said Sara Vigil, Research Fellow at SEI Asia to PBS News Hour


Sara Vigil

Research Fellow

SEI Asia

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