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Graphic: Viable Cities .


100 European cities have been selected to join EU’s mission: “100 Climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030”, and many more are committing to the same goal.

Getting to climate neutrality will require significant investments in infrastructure and innovation. The City Climate Investment Plan Masterclass will tackle questions like

  • How do you make an investment plan that extends beyond what the city owns?
  • How can you get buy-in for such a plan from relevant actors both outside and inside the city administration?
  • What would a suitable investment plan process look like?
  • What are the requirements from the EU mission?
  • How can you assure that you are making the right investments?
  • What is the sourcing scope?
  • How do you follow up and improve?

We have invited a group of experienced and knowledgeable professionals from different organizations that will help us to try to get some answers to these questions. The Masterclass is directed towards city administration professionals and related actors.

Time: June 15th, 14.00 – 17.00, Boat dinner 18.00

Place: Clarion Hotel Sea U, Helsingborg, Sweden

Maximum Capacity: 50 people

Part 1. Introduction to Investment Plans

Fedra Vanhuyse, Head of Division Societies, Climate and Policy Support @ Stockholm Environment Institute

Fedra is leading teams of sustainability researchers in the areas of cities, communities, and consumption; water, coasts and ocean; and environmental policy and strategy.

She is passionate about cities, food, and people. At SEI, she leads research projects on circular and sustainable cities, looking at the financial and social consequences of transition, among other things. Since April 2022, she is the finance and procurement specialist for Viable Cities. Through Viable Cities, she supports 23 Swedish cities, and 112 European cities that are part of Net Zero Cities, with climate action and investment planning.

Fedra will introduce the ideas behind the investment plans from the EU Mission and Viable Cities and provide some inspiring thoughts about how to get started.

Opportunity to participate on 16 June

If you want to participate on the Climate City Impact Day on 16 June, please see this separate invitation here .


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