Companies play a key role in solving the climate crisis. Besides reducing their own emissions, many companies should be expected to finance external climate projects that avoid or remove emissions. However, there is currently no consensus on the best way of providing this support

In this webinar at 16:00 CEST (10am EST / 7am PST) on 28 March 2022 arranged by WWF US, Milkywire and SEI, we will hear from organizations and companies deeply involved in this issue, They will share their perspectives and discuss the following questions:

  • How can companies contribute beyond value chain mitigation? Options include (but are not limited to) setting an internal carbon tax used to support projects, setting aside a share of profits or revenue, or compensating their emissions with carbon credits.
  • How much should companies be expected to contribute? Should that differ between different sectors, be linked to profits or to any other parameter?
  • What kind of climate projects should be recommended for companies to support?
  • What kind of claims can companies make on the back of such investments, and how can companies be incentivized to support beyond value chain mitigation?

Speakers and panelists

Moderated by Robert Höglund, Milkywire .

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Graphic: Milkywire .

Video: Milkywire / YouTube.