Researchers, authorities, educators, specialists, managers, entrepreneurs, professionals, producers and other people around the world working for the sustainability of the planet are invited to participate in this event. Previous editions of this gathering involved over 10 400 participants, of whom approximately 50% were visitors from more than 60 countries on five continents.

This edition will promote cooperation among countries, exchange of experiences and sustainable practices and knowledge transfer, as well as sustained and inclusive economic growth, participatory social development, environmental protection and the dignity of human beings.

SEI’s Karina Barquet will deliver a keynote lecture on 8 July 2021 on “multifunctional infrastructure for climate change adaptation” at the Congress on Geospatial Sciences and Disaster Risk .

The objective is to promote knowledge exchange and application of geospatial sciences and its relation with terrestrial dynamics. The meeting will also foster an exchange of experiences and promote debate on new knowledge and tools for disaster risk reduction and climate change.

The convention is comprised of several events covering topics of great relevance:

  • XIII Congress on Environmental Education towards Sustainable Development
  • XII Congress on Protected Areas
  • X Congress on Environmental Management
  • VIII Congress on Ecosystem and Biodiversity Management
  • VII Congress on Climate Change
  • V Congress on Environmental Policy, Justice and Law
  • I Congress on Geospatial Sciences and Disaster Risk

In addition, as in previous years, an exhibition on environmental technologies, Projects and Experiences will be presented.

The convention includes keynote lectures and general panels, which will involve the participation of several personalities from multilateral environmental organizations, ministries of environment, and prestigious researchers and professors.

How to attend

Register below to attend online or in person at the Havana International Convention Center in Havana, Cuba. The event will be held in Spanish.

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