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Webinar: How COP26 can deliver on loss and damage finance

At COP26, governments need to determine how best to support the countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, yet are least responsible for causing it, through Loss and Damage (L&D) funding. This webinar aims to help chart the path forward.

28 October 2021 at 13:00 CEST

ending at 14:30 CEST

Despite continual calls from least developed countries and small island states for finance to address L&D resulting from climate impacts, L&D ⁠–⁠ the impacts of climate change that are not or were not averted through adaptation and mitigation activities ⁠–⁠ remains largely absent from the international climate finance architecture.

L&D is already a lived reality for people around the world, threatening their fundamental human rights and trapping them in a cycle of poverty. Poor and vulnerable countries and communities are least responsible for climate change but are already facing the majority of its negative impacts, in the form of both extreme weather events such as hurricanes and slow onset processes such as sea level rise. Finance is therefore essential for vulnerable countries and communities to recover from the climate impacts they are already facing and rebuild their livelihoods and economies.

This event will present novel SEI research assessing how a fair and feasible L&D financing mechanism can be designed. It will then include interventions from key stakeholders sharing their call to action for COP26, identifying concrete recommendations for how COP26 can deliver on L&D finance.


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