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Environmental issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina: BiH ESAP 2030+ Webinar series

SEI is supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina to collaboratively develop the BiH Environmental Strategy and Action Plan 2030+ (BiH ESAP 2030+). A new webinar series includes eight thematic webinars that will cover eight important EU areas of environmental protection – water resources; waste management; biodiversity and nature protection: air quality, climate and energy; chemical safety; noise; resource management and environmental management.

25 February to 11 March 2021
Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Online
Event contact

Amar Čaušević

Winter landscape in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Landscape in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Photo: Adnan Bubalo.

Webinar 1: Air quality improvement: measures, planning and strategies

25 February 2021 | 09.00–11:30 GMT+1

Improving air quality in Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the key priorities for improving citizens’ lives. The webinar will present best practices and lessons learned in improving air quality with case examples from several EU countries. It will be an opportunity to discuss these issues with leading experts in the area.

See the agenda HERE.

Webinar 2: Approximation and implementation of EU waste legislation: experience from Estonia

3 March 2021 | 09:00–11:30 GMT+1

The webinar showcases Estonian experiences of the approximation and implementation processes of EU waste legislation and related strategies. The experts discuss how a country in transition like BiH can move up the
waste management hierarchy, reflecting on lessons learned from Estonia.

See the agenda HERE.

Webinar 3: Protecting biodiversity and safeguarding nature according to EU standards: From policy to reality

4 March 2021 | 09:30–12:00 GMT+1

This webinar raises awareness of the environmental, economic, and social benefits of establishing ecological networks. The event provides participants with knowledge about the approximation and implementation process of EU biodiversity and conservation legislation and related strategies on a national level. Speakers present several examples from different EU countries, explaining the experiences of these countries during the establishment of Natura 2000 and ecological network sites.

See the agenda HERE.

Webinar 4: Improving the management of water resources: concessions for societal benefits

5 March 2021 | 09:00–11:30 GMT+1

The webinar presents best practices related to water concessions as well as challenges in three countries across the EU (Croatia, Sweden, and Spain). The benefits to society of concessions tailored to EU standards from the perspective of certain member states are discussed.

See the agenda HERE.

Webinar 5: Benefits of Public Participation in Environmental Policy Making: Learning from BiH and Estonia

8 March 2021 | 09:00–11:30 GMT+1

This webinar provides participants with the opportunity to learn more about effective public participation practices with an emphasis on environmental management. Experts talk about why public participation is an important
component of environmental policymaking. This includes examples of case studies from both BiH and Estonia. The BiH case study explains the positive role of civil society organizations’ participation in environmental policymaking, while the Estonia example will show a governmental view of the challenges and benefits of public participation from the perspective of an EU member state.

See the agenda HERE.

Webinar 6: Environmental noise, its overall significance, and impact on health: what can we learn from EU and Sweden?

9 March 2021 | 09.00–11:30 GMT+1

The webinar presents the latest developments from Sweden and Romania in the field of environmental noise as well as the difference between environmental noise and other types of noise. The experts cover the latest research on the impact of noise on human health.

See the agenda HERE.

Webinar 7: Chemical Safety within EU Context: Sharing Knowledge and Looking at Positive Practices

10 March 2021| 09:00–11:30 GMT+1

The goal of the webinar is to provide information about chemicals safety in the context of EU directives and discuss the effects of chemicals on human health and the environment. It is also discussed how to approach the planning of the chemicals strategy. The experts provide information on how to develop chemicals-related legislation in EU candidate countries and participants will get an insight into lessons learned from the SAICM project “Capacity Building and Strategic Partnerships for Chemicals Safety in the Republic of Serbia.”

See the agenda HERE.

Webinar 8: Sustainable resource management: EU policy and practices in the member states

11 March 2021 | 09:00–12:00 GMT+1

This webinar presents the benefits of a multifunctional approach to sustainable resource management. It showcases why sustainable management of forests, soil, and minerals is necessary and how to approach and plan it in the national context. Speakers present a wide range of topics spanning from soil and forest management in Croatia to approaches to sustainable mining in Poland.

See the agenda HERE.

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