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Locally led needs assessments of loss and damage finance

Join us for the third Gobeshona Global Conference, taking place virtually, which will feature a presentation on 14 March by SEI’s Loss and Damage experts. Researchers will lead a discussion on how to tailor Loss and Damage financing to unique local needs.

The entire online conference stretches from 10–16 March 2023. Registration is free.

14 March 2023 at 19:00 BST

ending at 20:30 BST

Sweden and Online
Buildings rattled by an earthquake in Nepal lie in ruins amid a summer monsoon, against a backdrop of lush forested mountains.

Photo: Alison Wright / Getty Images

COP27 in Egypt last year established for the first time a Loss and Damage fund intended to support countries and communities that disproportionately experience the destruction inflicted by climate change.

But the procedure for doing so has yet to be determined. SEI Scientist Zoha Shawoo, along with former SEI resercher Inès Bakhtaoui, will present their research at this year’s Gobeshona Global Conference, International Centre for Climate Change and Development, on how to tailor Loss and Damage (L&D) financing to the unique needs of a given community in the wake of a disaster.

In this 90-minute virtual session, Shawoo and Bakhtaoui will present their methodology for conducting locally led needs assessments, including criteria for how communities affected by L&D can be identified, the qualitative methods used for gaining insights on the needs and priorities of local communities, and the methods to be used for quantification of losses and damages.

They will also share insights on how this methodology could be tailored to and applied in two country contexts: slow onset events in Senegal and sudden onset events in Nepal. The session will close with a discussion on critical questions, such as: how economic vs non economic losses and damages can be quantified; how to map out the differentiated impacts of losses and damages for marginalized communities; and how the gaps can be identified between what is and isn’t funded in different countries.

SEI will host this programme in partnership with ENDA Energie in Senegal and Prakriti Resources Centre of Nepal, who will highlight the case studies.


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