This webinar formally launched Trase Finance, a new initiative produced by SEI, Global Canopy and Neural Alpha. The platform , freely available for use by journalists, organizations and members of the financial sector, provides synthesized data on ownership, lending and corporate legal structures.

By facilitating this transparency, Trase Finance not only allows financial institutions to identify their direct and indirect exposure to deforestation risk, thereby giving them the opportunity to improve the sustainability of their portfolios, but also enables civil society and governmental actors to push for greater accountability and monitor progress towards environmental commitments.

As well as introducing the tool, the webinar featured reflections from three speakers from the finance sector and civil society on the role of the financial sector in supporting sustainable agricultural and livestock production systems, integrating conservation and the protection of forests.

You can listen to the event in English , Bahasa , Portuguese or Spanish .

Event overview

Date: 28 October 2020, 14:00-15:15 GMT

  • Introduction/presentation on Trase Finance
  • Panel Discussion

The webinar was presented by:

  • Helen Bellfield, Policy Director and Trase Lead at Global Canopy
  • Toby Gardner, Trase Director, Stockholm Environment Institute


  • Emine Isciel, Head of Climate and Environment at Storebrand Asset Management
  • Hilde Jervan, Chief Advisor at Council on Ethics for the Norwegian Government Pension Fund
  • Shona Hawkes, Senior Global Policy Adviser at Global Witness


  • Sarah Maslin, Brazil Correspondent at The Economist