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Tribal Lands and Environment Forum: Can remote data connect us to the land? A landscape analysis for braiding satellite-based information and Indigenous knowledge

SEI researchers will present their remote sensing work at the Tribal Lands and Environment Forum, occurring online and in-person 14–17 August in Syracuse, New York, US.

This session is designed for a wide audience of Tribal members and organizations working with Tribal communities who use or are interested in using remote sensing information to complement traditional natural resource management methods used by Tribes.

15 August 2023 at 15:30 EDT

ending at 17:00 EDT

United States and Online
Satellite image of aircraft contrails over the Mojave Desert in California

Photo: USGS / Unsplash

The session, presented SEI’s Marina Mautner and Emily Ghosh, will be structured to first share our NASA-funded project and initial findings related to the potential for satellite data to support the safeguarding and application of traditional ecological knowledge.

We will include a review of remote sensing products used by tribal members in California. Then, we aim to contribute to positive change by fostering a participatory discussion around complementary tools to natural resource management, existing gaps and challenges, and innovative approaches for the use of remote sensing information that respond to the needs and objectives of Tribal communities.

The Tribal Lands and Environment Forum is jointly hosted by the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals, the Tribal Waste and Response Steering Committee , and US EPA’s Office of Land and Emergency Management.

Session presenters

Marina Mautner



2018 portrait of Emily Ghosh
Emily Ghosh



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