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weADAPT hosts an online “open house”

Come to one of our two online, “open house” sessions! We will give you a guided, one-hour tour through the remodeled and updated weADAPT! There are two different time slots intended to suit your schedule, no matter where you are.

21 to 23 May 2024
Online only
A baya weaver bird returns to its hanging nest in China.

A baya weaver returns to the nest.

Photo: Yaorusheng / Getty ImagesYaorusheng / Getty Images

Are you interested in learning more about how you can use weADAPT to support your climate adaptation work?

There have been a lot of exciting new changes on weADAPT recently, and we are excited to take you on a virtual tour of our upgraded platform. In this one-hour open house, you will learn:

  • What weADAPT is
  • Who weADAPT users are
  • How weADAPT can support your work
  • How you can register and submit content
  • How weADAPT conducts its review processes
  • How long review processes take
  • How to make the most of the platform

We are offering two one-hour sessions to accommodate different time zones – the content covered will be the same. Pick the one that is most convenient!

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