An initiative by the Government of Sweden , Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), the Centre aims to have a transformative impact on sustainable finance. Together with Stockholm Green Digital Finance  the Centre combines research, education, and innovation on sustainability, economics, finance and new technologies.

Photo: Ulf_H_Börjesson / Mediabank VisitStockholm

“The Centre’s goal is to support financial actors, to better understand their crucial role in changing our economies to more sustainable ones, and to support the shift in capital allocation to deliver the sustainability agenda. We do so by finding innovative solutions, developing tools, and through research and capacity building,” said Luca De Lorenzo, Program Director at SSFC and Head of Climate, Energy and Society Unit at SEI.

The Centre’s demand-driven research aims to push current frontiers by tackling some of the most pressing questions in sustainable finance.

“SSFC performs demand driven research to understand how financial flows can support the implementation of the SDGs and how we can move towards sustainable and more long-term decisions,” said Emma Sjöström, Deputy Program Director SSFC and Research Platform Manager and Sustainable Finance Research Fellow MISUM, Stockholm School of Economics.

Photo: LenaLindell20 / Pixabay

Sweden is already big on the map of sustainable finance. Especially Stockholm as its finance centre has a visible role to play in the international sustainable finance debate and can support the development of sound research based financial instruments. Within this context, SSFC serves as a collaborative hub for Swedish experience, research, and leadership in the sector.

Through tailored programs SSFC will also train professionals working in finance on how to embrace sustainability in their decisions. Capacity building, sharing of best practices and delivering a sense of inspiration are all part of the Centre’s philosophy.