On 22 April 2017, more than a million people marched for science all over the world. In Sweden, thousands of people demonstrated in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala, Umeå and Luleå. And SEI was there!

On 14 April 2018, SEI Stockholm joins over 70 other organisations to launch a new campaign to support evidence-based policy making in Sweden. The campaign is part of the global initiative ‘Science Marches On’, which grew out of last year’s March for Science. From Washington D.C. to Abuja, Nigeria, people across the globe are mobilising in support of science as a foundation for well-grounded democratic decisions. 

In Sweden, 2018 is an election year. It’s an ideal moment for the scientific community to engage politicians and the public about the role of research-based knowledge as a basis for decision making and democratic societies. Recent findings on the potential for false information to spread further and faster in the digital age makes this initiative particularly relevant. 

Hur vet du det?

The aim of the campaign is to encourage scientific evidence to be included when policy proposals are debated. The starting point is a simple, but powerful, question: How do you know that? (Hur vet du det?) This simple question is one that we can all ask, of decision makers, of colleagues and of ourselves. 

“This question opens up a space to discuss how research is carried out, how to evaluate different scientific findings, and how they might be used,” says Robert Watt, SEI’s Director of Communications. “It establishes a common ground from which to bridge science and policy.”

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