SEI supports March for Science
Suspicion of science and acceptance of “alternative facts” are impacting the public agenda. At a time of unprecedented global opportunities and challenges, we need science more than ever.

The March for Science is a global movement, originating in Washington, DC, to celebrate and defend the vital role of science. The March for Science movement calls for evidence-based policy-making, science education, research funding, and inclusive and accessible science.

Marches will be taking place around the world on Earth Day, 22 April – whose campaign theme this year is, appropriately, environmental and climate literacy.

Stockholm Environment Institute is proud to be a supporting partner of the March for Science in Sweden. We, along with 60 other Swedish organizations and counting, stand behind the March for Science Sweden manifesto.

This manifesto centres on three fundamental principles:

  • Science that serves the common good
  • Open, honest and inclusive science communication
  • Evidence-based policy and regulations.

Read the full manifesto»

For our part, SEI will continue our close dialogue with policy-makers, businesses and other stakeholders to keep our research relevant, actionable and understood. We will work constantly to enhance the capacity of our researchers to work at the interface of science and decision-making. Moreover, SEI will continue to invest in more structured and proactive planning for communication of our results. We believe that science should be freely available to everyone and thus we aim to increase the share of our research findings that are published open access.

We hope that our research and policy partners, and anyone who believes in open, inclusive, accessible science, will unite with us in supporting the March for Science!

“SEI supports this very important event because we need to raise awareness of the value of science as one of the cornerstones of sustainable development. Innovation and technological breakthroughs depend on a vibrant and dynamic research environment. This is something that needs to be more clearly emphasized in public debate” – SEI Executive Director Johan L. Kuylenstierna.

The March for Science will take place in over 517 locations globally. In Sweden, marches are being organized in Stockholm , Gothenburg , Umeå and Uppsala .

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