Everyday, everywhere across the globe, people, goods and services cross borders. So, too, do the impacts of climate change. But current adaptation plans too often fail to recognize or account for these cross-border risks.

Adopting a transboundary view of climate risk changes the scope and nature of the adaptation challenge. Watch how, in this video introduction.

Video: SEI / YouTube .

The Adaptation Without Borders initiative seeks to respond to the global challenge of adaptation.

It brings together the research capacities and convening powers of of SEI, Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and International Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI), to explore the global implications of transboundary climate risks.

The initiative is grounded in the belief that the global effects of climate change require global solutions, beyond the adaptation efforts any government can enact alone. It seeks to gather evidence, raise awareness and build connections to inspire action to change the narrative and establish adaptation as a global public good.