weADAPT , SEI’s signature adaptation platform, has created a new, “first-stop shop” for climate adaptation training. The platform has added new materials and undertaken upgrades to its Climate Adaptation Training Theme . The upgrades will make it easier for people to find suitable materials and courses for individual and group training and education.

The changes, launched to mark the upcoming UN International Day of Education , are targeted towards students, researchers, practitioners, decision makers and members of civil society organizations seeking such training to improve and inform their work. The aim is to support decision-making and understanding of climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction challenges.

The Climate Adaptation Training Theme provides greater ease of access to materials based on longer climate adaptation courses, such as those that are conducted through annual meetings, continuing series, and online e-learning. It also includes a wide range of other materials, such as discussion of concepts, examples in practice, and tools available through different training and educational outlets. The content addresses a range of topics in the areas of climate information analysis, vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning.

The theme organizes materials into five topical categories (loosely based on the PROVIA assessment framework ) that cover a full range of activities:

  • Understanding actors’ vulnerabilities and adaptation needs
  • Identifying and appraising adaptation options
  • Planning and implementing adaptation actions
  • Monitoring and evaluating adaptation, and drawing lessons
  • Concepts and terminology for adaptation training

Highlights include:

The SENSES Toolkit   – a unique collection of user-centred visualization tools of climate change scenario knowledge developed by SEI and European partners in the SENSES European Research Area for Climate Services (ERA4CS) project.

A collection of new massive open online courses (MOOCs) developed by University of Cape Town. These include Research for impact , Climate Change mitigation in developing countries , and Climate Adaptation in Africa ).

Participate! – a MOOC developed by SEI, the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre , and the Applied Improvisation Network . Participate! now includes an interactive, online training module, focusing on the facilitation of participatory meetings such as workshops, conferences and training courses for the climate change adaptation (CCA) and disaster risk reduction (DRR) communities. Though the course was originally designed to enhance in-person meetings, the concepts also apply when planning virtual meetings, which have become more commonplace as a means of communication and engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tandem Guidance  – interactive, online guidance that aims to increase the use of climate information in adaptation decision-making. The guidance seeks to build coordination, collaboration, communication and individual and institutional capacities of information providers, intermediaries and users. The online guidance provides structured guidance and links to information and case studies on the latest and most-relevant tools, data, methods, and approaches, and case studies) to answer questions under each element of the Tandem framework. The goal is to improve the co-design process, so that any emerging climate services are decision-relevant and tailored to users’ needs.