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Carl Middleton

SEI Affiliated Researcher

Profile picture of Carl Middleton

Dr Carl Middleton is an SEI Affiliated Researcher with SEI Asia since June 2015.

Carl is a lecturer on the MA in International Development Studies (MAIDS) Program and Deputy Director for International Research in the Center for Social Development Studies (CSDS) in the Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.

Before joining the Faculty of Political Science in 2009, he spent eight years working with international and local civil society organizations throughout the Mekong Region.

Dr Middleton’s research interests orientate around the politics and policy of the environment in Southeast Asia, with a particular focus on environmental justice and the political ecology of water and energy. He is collaborating in several major research projects in Southeast Asia, including a Salween regional water governance study of the Salween River, a Salween-Mekong fellowship program in the Salween, Mekong and Red River Basins, a study on the political ecology of flooding and migration in Southeast Asia and the RECOVER_SUMERNET project with SUMERNET.

His publications include:

  • Middleton, C. and Dore, J. 2015: “Transboundary Water and Electricity Governance in Mainland Southeast Asia: Linkages, Disjunctures and Implications” in International Journal of Water Governance 3,1: 93-120.
  • Middleton, C., Allouche, J., Gyawali, D. and Allen, S. 2015: “The Rise and Implications of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Southeast Asia through an Environmental Justice Lens” in Water Alternatives 8,1: 627-54.
  • Middleton, C., Matthews, N. and Mirumachi, N. 2015: “Whose Risky Business?: Public–Private Partnerships (PPP), Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) and Large Hydropower Dams in the Mekong Region” in Matthews, Nathanial; Geheb, Kim (Eds.), 2015 Hydropower Development in the Mekong Region: Political, Socio-economic and Environmental Perspectives. (London: Earthscan): 127-152.
  • Smits, M. and Middleton, C. 2014: “New arenas of engagement at the water governance-climate finance nexus? An analysis of the boom and bust of hydropower CDM projects in Vietnam” Water Alternatives 7,3: 561-583.

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