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Claes Bernes

Former employee

Claes Bernes was an SEI Affiliated Researcher with SEI Headquarters.

Previously, Claes was a Research Fellow at SEI Headquarters. He worked with the Mistra EviEM project on evidence synthesis in environmental management.

Claes had been engaged in the EviEM project since it started at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 2012, following it to SEI when it was moved there in January 2016.

Claes managed EviEM reviews on conservation of biodiversity in protected forests, biodiversity effects of different kinds of roadside management, effects of reindeer grazing on mountain vegetation, and restoration of nutrient-rich lakes through manipulation of their fish fauna.

Prior to 2012, Claes worked for 32 years at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, where he summarized and communicated results from environmental monitoring and research. He has written more than 25 books, mainly on environmental issues such as toxic pollutants, acidification, the marine environment, biodiversity and climate change, but also on other topics in popular science and history. He is experienced not only in writing but also in scientific illustration and graphic design.

Before going into environmental science, Claes received a PhD degree in astrophysics from Stockholm University.

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