Kim has worked and consulted for various national and international environmental non-profits and organizations since 1991, including Second Nature, the United Nations Environment Programme, the United States Army, the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute and the Center for Environmental Management at Tufts.  Prior to working in the environmental field, Kim spent several years in the computer industry, testing software and writing documentation for businesses riding the Route 128 technology wave in the Boston area.

Kim received combined degrees of Master of Arts in International Relations and Master of Arts in Urban and Environmental Policy from the Fletcher School and Tufts University, respectively in 1994. She also received a Certificate in Administration and Management from Harvard University Extension in 1986, as well as a B.A. in Economics and Russian Studies from Amherst College in 1982.

In her spare time, Kim enjoys being with her family, exercising, volunteering at her children’s school, singing in choirs, playing piano, gardening and scheming how some day to return to live in Tuscany. She also owns her own pet care business and has a golden retriever.