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Nilufar Matin

Former employee

Profile picture of Nilufar Matin

Nilufar Matin was a Research Fellow at SEI with her work focusing on poverty elimination, natural resource management and sustainable development with strong emphasis on gender mainstreaming and stakeholder participation. Neela passed away in November 2017.

Nilufar had extensive work experience in multi-disciplinary research, policy development, project formulation and appraisal.

She worked on adaptive water management under uncertainty particularly in developing approaches that integrate poverty alleviation, gender awareness and health planning for integrated water resources management in river basins. She was also engaged in studying impacts of climate change and biodiversity projects on local livelihoods.

Previous to SEI, she worked with a wide range of organizations, governments, donor agencies, research institutions and NGOs.

In memoriam – Nilufar (Neela) Matin

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