Oskar specialized in strategic environmental decision making and its links to responses to climate change impacts. He was particularly interested in the international dimensions of climate change.

In Mistra-Swecia – Sweden’s largest ongoing research program on climate change, impacts and adaptation – Oskar coordinated the cross-program case studies (Stockholm region 2008-9, Forestry sector 2009-11). In the second phase of the program (2012-15) he led the work studying adaptation to indirect effects of climate change.

Oskar has a background in urban and regional planning and development, and has carried out a number of substantial assignments providing knowledge and strategic advice in the fields of environmental management, sustainability planning and the links between spatial strategies, regional development and environmental performance.

In 2011 Oskar assisted the Stockholm County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen) in the development the county’s climate and energy strategy. Since 2002, he has been lead consultant in sustainability matters in SEI’s work for the Stockholm Office of Regional Planning (previously: RTK). During 2007-9 he managed the strategic environmental assessment of the regional development plan (RUFS 2010) and he also wrote the impact assessment chapter of the final version of the plan.

Previously, Oskar participated in various assignments in the water area drawing on a variety of methods and techniques. During 2004-7 he led SEI’s participation in the Rivertwin project, developing water demand models applied in drainage basins in Germany, Uzbekistan and Benin.