SEI 2017 AdaptationWatch 5 GCF LAC copy
Climate Smart Village in Honduras, Santa Rita, Copán. Credit: CCAFS

Many have made use of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness programme to develop in-country governance and strengthen capacities for receiving finance. These efforts demonstrate a regional strategy toward broad participation, stakeholder coordination, and cross-sector planning that promotes transparency and accountability on adaptation.

This brief – based on a chapter in the forthcoming AdaptationWatch report – offers an analysis of how countries in the region are gearing up on adaptation governance and engaging with the GCF Readiness programme. It also sets out policy pointers for how countries can improve and develop these processes.

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To read the full chapter on this research, look for the 2017 AdaptationWatch Report, to be released at COP23 in November 2017.