Climate adaptation platforms (CAPs) provide information, evidence and guidance to inform and support climate change adaptation strategies and plan. These platforms also aim to to enhance the implementation of such plans at local, national, and transnational scales. This mission is growing in importance worldwide as the impacts of climate change escalate.

Against this backdrop, the Knowledge Exchange between Climate Adaptation Platforms (KE4CAP) project established a new forum for the practitioners, developers, operators and users of such platforms. The project allowed them to come together (electronically) for mutual learning to enhance their platforms’ reach and effectiveness. In just a little over two years, the project established a unique community of over 200 international CAP developers and operators and specialists representing 30 platforms from regions across the globe, including Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America. The project established new connections among this group to spur greater innovation and impact.

This report summarizes the impacts of the project, and offers ideas for ways to build on the KE4CAP experience and network, to foster ongoing knowledge exchange, and to support of related communities of practice.