Photo by the Circulate Initiative

Though many urban areas of India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam have municipally managed waste collection, there remains a high reliance on the informal sector for the collection, aggregation, and recycling of plastic. The opportunity to improve the management of plastic waste in these countries is vast. While there is a range of existing studies on national waste flows, few explore the plastic supply chains in more localized contexts.

Recognizing this need, the Circulate Initiative with the Anthesis Group , produced four reports, Mapping Local Plastic Recycling Supply Chains: Insights from Selected Cities in India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. The research undertakes a detailed assessment of “wastesheds”, a geographical region with a common solid waste disposal system, or an area designated by the governing institutions as appropriate for developing a common recycling program in each country.

The assessments of the wastesheds aim to provide a better understanding of existing practices and systems and identify where improvements could be made.