Flooding in Wales. Photo: Tim Graham / Getty Images

This report on information knowledge management (IKM) practices examines barriers to the uptake and use of knowledge about climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction. It targets: 1) donors, to contribute towards significant societal benefits made possible through better IKM and its contribution towards more informed decision-making; 2) knowledge professionals and researchers to improve practices and come together as a community to solve a global issue; and 3) data scientists to leverage emerging IKM and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to build and analyse large datasets to support climate action.

Though the focus is on Europe, the basic tenets apply globally and to all areas of climate action. Indeed, the power of the technologies and practices described in the paper is that they connect relevant knowledge across disciplines, sectors, scales, and policy frameworks – thereby connecting knowledge associated with sustainable development, climate change mitigation, ecological conservation, and human health.

The paper was developed under the European H2020 PLACARD (PLAtform for Climate Adaptation and Risk reDuction) project.