In an interview with , SEI Senior Researcher Javier Godar explained the importance of data usage to improve maritime shipping logistics and decrease emissions following the launch of the Global Shipping Watch data platform on 15 March 2022.

The tool allocates emissions proportionally based on cargo weight and value, allocated to cargo types, cargo ownership, countries of export/import, companies operating the vessels and countries of flag.

“The combination of detailed cargo data and vessel operations data brings a very powerful product and shines a light on what has long been a blind spot. Companies, investors, governments and research organizations can now use the data to inform decisions and actions to improve maritime shipping logistics and decrease emissions,” said Godar.

“So far, tackling shipping emissions has been hampered by the absence of reliable data, baselines, and emissions monitoring capabilities. One can hardly improve what is not adequately measured, monitored and benchmarked, ideally by independent third parties,” he added.

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