Javier has extensive fieldwork experience in Brazil, Perú, Bolivia and Ecuador. He holds a Forestry BSc/MSc from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (2003), with specialization on Tropical Forestry. In 2009 he gained a PhD in Biodiversity and Natural Resources Management from the University of Leon (Spain), obtained while working for the EU-funded project “Forest management by small farmers in the Amazon. An opportunity to enhance forest ecosystem stability and rural livelihoods” (ForLive).

Relevant publications authored externally to SEI

Peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters

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  • Godar, J., Tizado, E.J., Pokorny, B. (2012). Who is responsible for deforestation in the Amazon? A spatially explicit analysis along the Transamazon Highway in Brazil. Forest Ecology and Management, 267, 58–73
  • Godar, J. and Pokorny, B. (2009). El papel del bosque en el desarrollo rural: el caso de los pequeños productores de Medicilandia. In Pokorny B., Montero I. and Montero J.C. (eds): Productores familiares, bosques amazónicos y su potencial para el desarrollo rural. EU-ForLive project. University of Freiburg.


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