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Module 2: Plastic Waste Global Policies

  • 18 min

Learning Objective

  • What types of policies can be applied to limit plastic production and/or consumption
  • Why the informal sector is an important actor in the circular econmy


  1. Unsustainable production and consumption of plastic is equally harmful for all people and countries in the world. True or false?
  2. UNEP’s 2022 resolution to end plastic pollution legally binds states to action. True or false?
  3. Recovery infrastructure is an essential component of EPR, in order for it to work effectively. True or false?
  4. Informal waste collectors will collect all types of plastic. True or false?
  5. Informal waste collectors can save municipalities money through their informal recycling activities. True or false?
  6. In Kenya the use of plastic bags can lead to imprisonment. True or false?

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